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Flair Y-T & Conical Strainers – Specifically Design for the Highest Performance and Durability Our Y-T & Conical Strainers are specifically designed for high performance and long service life even with regular usage under conditions of high pressure and temperature. Our strainers are easy to install and most suitable for different industrial applications. It provides flawless performance with best adaptability. We design and manufacture Y-T & Conical Strainers using different material based on specific requirement of customers. We provide ideal suggestion to our customers to select the most suitable type of strainer and mesh type that perfectly meet their application needs. Flair Y-T & Conical Strainers – Cost-effective, Easy To Maintain, Compact Design:
Y-T & & Conical Strainers are used in many industrial applications to protect plant machinery to damage from contaminants such as dust, scales, sand, solid particles and other possibilities. It is used to remove solids from flowing gases or fluids using straining element. It is called Y-T & Conical Strainer due to its shape and used for coarse filtration. Y type strainers are used where % of solid less in quantity. In this type of strainer, the capacity for holding the dirt or foreign particles are less in comparison with basket strainer. It can be used horizontally or vertically. Low pressure drop, compact size, robust design and ease of maintenance are some special features of these type strainers.
Material & Construction: Housing of the Y-T & conical Strainers are available in Cast as well as fabricated construction. Most common steel section used for fabrication is Pipe, Plates, Forging, and Equal Tee of various Material Grades suitable for the Process fluids and available with Flanged, Screwed, and Socket Weld type end connections. Stainless Perforated sheet, wires, rods, and wire mesh of various specifications are used to fabricate the Filter elements. In Tee type strainer, many times a structural skeleton made of flats and round bar is used to support the wire mesh.

• Compact Size and Low weight
• Low pressure drop across the filter
• Adequate strength of element and housing
• Permits rapid servicing i.e. ease of cleaning or replacing the element
• Low cost – Initial as well as service cost
• Components are suitable and compatible with fluid concerned.
• Allow to interchange same type of component with another
• Ideal for liquid, steam or gas
• No contamination between filtered and unfiltered liquids
• Installed in either vertical or horizontal position

It is useful in protecting the condensate and steam systems from the possibilities of damage by the influx of the debris habitual of finding way into the pipeline system. Strainers protect the equipment by holding the flow of such solids. In this way, it reduces downtime and servicing cost.

These strainers have a wide range of application to remove solids from liquids at pumps suction and delivery side piping. Strainers installed on suction side of pumps & named as suction strainers also.

• Power Industry
• Fertilizer Industry
• Pharmaceutical Industry
• Chemical Industry
• Process Industries and many others

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