Water Bottling Plant

Indian Trade Bird provides you with Bottling Plants with quality in end products suit best for your business, this Bottling Plant is a plant where drinking water, beverages, etc are put into the bottles.  The bottling plant has various capacities of productions of bottles and types of bottles to be produced with various sizes and shapes such as bottles, pouches, jars, etc. This bottling plant can be used for various industries like water bottle filling, beverage filling, etc depending on the types of industries dealing with it.  This bottling plant has a wide range of availability in the manufacturing of bottles from 100ml packaged bottles to 2 Litres of bottles or even bigger gallons if in business demand. Its production varies from 30 bottles/min to a greater production rate depending on bottling plants. This price varies from 1 Lakh to 55 Lakhs depending upon your needs. Best and trusted quality of  Bottling Plant manufacturer,  supplier, dealers In Howrah, Available at Indian TradeBird.

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