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Water ATM Machine

Indian Trade Birds are engaged with great dealers across India with a wide range of water vending machines, which are coin-operated water vending machines & water ATM
machines as per your budget and requirements. These machines are made up of high-quality stainless steel finish which is dust-protected and corrosion resistant as well. This system is widely used at many places like bus stations, railway stations, schools, hospitals, corporate places, etc. This coin-operated machine gives you customers 24X7 at any time as people trust more to such water vending machine to access quality water.

Trusted and genuine deals of Water ATM Machine manufacturer, supplier, dealers in India, Available at Indian TradeBird at very cost-effective prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vending machines have good life 10-25 years depending on its use and how it is maintained and gives you good ROI in a certain period if maintained properly.

This Water Vending Machine is easy to install, user-friendly, coin and cards are used easily to access drinking water, it takes lower power consumption, provided with LED display with a power back facility providing high-quality water.

This Water ATM installed has easy access, either by putting coins or by scanning cards which provides pure drinking water anywhere installed.

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