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Powder coating plants are been categorized into two main areas Batch Powder Coating Process & Continuous Powder Coating Process also termed as Conveyorised Powder coating Plant. Sindhu Enterprises offers Powder Coating Plant, which is a commonly used surface finishing technique and widely used in the plant and machinery industry.

Our range of Powder Coating Plant helps inflexible and tough powder coating systems on different industrial equipment. Powder coating plant is a combination of pretreatment tanks or sprays chambers along with dry off ovens with powder coating booths and powder curing ovens. Further, we also offer a powder coating plant on a turnkey basis. Our Powder Coating Plants are provided with the smooth interior wall surface and anti-static panels that minimize the attraction of powder coating making the powder booth more efficient and easy to clean.

The powder coating booths are designed to offer an adequate flow of clean air at the breathing level of the operator.

Powder coating technology is made a major impact on the finishing Industry. Powder coating plant is a broader way of handling the powder coating process in a more precession way. Send Message

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