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CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine

Get the best deals on Water Jet Cutting Machines with genuine products at the Indian TradeBird portal for our valued customers. Water Jet Cutting Machine uses simple process but with advanced practice in technology where it uses a nonthermal cutting method where it uses only natural sand and water to cut almost any type of materials. This brittle cutting process provides a smooth cutting surface with no residue or heat-affected areas and there is less need for post process.
Any materials can be cut by Water Jet Cutting Machine be it soft rubber or plastics, or hard materials like metals and ceramics. Cutting done by these machines ensures identical parts regardless of volume and with the least amount of waste. This versatility and easy to operate Water Jet Cutting Machines makes it demandable in many industries for easy cutting purposes.

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With Water Jet Cutting Machines having versatility in cutting almost any materials, it is used in industries where 5-axis processing is to be done, also it has the ability to cut 2D sheets into 3D parts, so it is widely used in the industries like Aerospace & Defence, Automotive Industry, Transportation and Shipping, Fashion & Design, Construction, areas where cutting is in demand like Machine & System Engineering, E; electronics, Public & Educational Centres, Power & Energy, Biotech & Medical, Gaskets & Seals.
It is also used in industries where flexibility in cutting to cut a wide range of different parts of the same parent material. Multi-head beams use for several cutting heads which are mounted for multiple production capacities.
Best deals of Water Jet Cutting Machine manufacturers, dealers, suppliers in India, Available on Indian TradeBird which suits you best for your requirements at competitive rates.

Water Jet Cutting Machines are effectively used in many industries to cut any type of materials be it soft or hard, it can cut plastic, rubber, wood, foam, glass, stones, metals, and other composites. It is widely used in many industries as it provides smooth cutting edges with the precision of 0.1 mm to any materials, also it has no negative heat effects with no micro cracks or stress, it can provide high precision cuts on any materials, it is easy to operate with requiring no special skills and another maintenance cost it is seen to be economical as well.

Water Jet Cutting Machine is connected with an Ultra High-Pressure Pump which is filtered and pressurized then delivering via high-pressure tubes which are at the head of the machine. A small-diameter orifice connecting the water beam and the pressure turns into velocity. Also to increase the cutting power, abrasive grains are added to the stream and the water beam turning into high-speed liquid sandpaper which increases its efficiency to cut all types of materials be it soft or hard. It is also most viable for really narrow components.

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