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Model 5501 Combined Conductivity/PH/TDS/ORP/Temperature Indicator • Accurate pH display with 0.01pH resolution
• Auto buffer recognition with 2 point calibration for pH
• Auto/Manual temperature compensation selectable for both pH and Conductivity
• 4 Step Range selection 0.1µs to 199.9ms for conductivity
• Cell Factor selectable for both 1.0 and 0.1
• Digital calibration for conductivity
• Auto Temp Compensation using PT100 sensor
• One touch switching between conductivity and pH display selections
• Large alphanumeric LCD display with bright backlight
• Aesthetically designed front panel with membrane switches and sleek bench top cabinet
Display2 line large alphanumeric display with back light illumination
RangespH: 0.00 to 14.00 pH
ORP: 0-2000mV
Conductivity: 19.99ms/1999µs/199.9µs/19.99µs in 0.1 Cell Constant
199.9ms/19.99ms/1999µs/199.9µs in 1.0 Cell Constant
TDS: 0-1999ppm
ResolutionpH: 0.01pH
ORP: 1mV
Conductivity: 0.01ms or 0.01ms depending on range & Cell factor
TDS: 1ppm
Auto Temp. Comp.0-100°C using PT100 external sensor for pH and Conductivity
Manual Temp. Comp.Settable from front panel from 0-100.0°C for pH and Conductivity
pH Calibration2 Point calibration with auto buffer recognition.
Buffers recognized: 4.00, 7.00, 9.00, 10.00 pH
Conductivity CalibrationDigital calibration by factor multiplication from 0.75-1.25
Accuracy0.5% ± 1 Digit
Supply220V AC ±10% @ 50Hz
EnclosurePlastic (ABS). Size – 272x192x90mm

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