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Model - CT 700 • Data saved directly on USB Pen drive in an MS Excel compatible file
• Separate displays for humidity and temperature
• Capacitive sensor (Dry/Wet available on request) for humidity and PT100 sensor for temperature
• No need of any complicated or additional software for managing data
• Rate of logging settable by user in Mins:Secs
• Internal Real Time Clock with battery backup for saving values along with Date and Time
• Saving data on Pen drive allows a very large amount of storage space at very low cost.
Display0.56” Red LED display for Humidity and Temperature
Display Range0-99.9% for Relative Humidity and 0-99.9°C for Temperature
Resolution0.1% for Relative Humidity and 0.1°C for Temperature
Logging Rate1 second to 99Mins59seconds
Data LoggingDirectly create a .csv file on the Pen Drive (compatible with Excel)
Data LoggingDirectly create a .csv file on the Pen Drive (compatible with Excel) giving a tabular format values of Date, Time, Humidity and Temperature
SensorCapacitive for Humidity (Dry/Wet sensor also available on request) PT100 sensor for Temperature
Accuracy± 2% ± 1 Least Significant Digit for Humidity. ± 0.2°C ± 1 Least Significant Digit for Temperature
Power Supply230V AC ± 15% at 50/60Hz
Mounting TypePanel Type
Front Facia96mm x 96mm

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